Amer­i­can Ultra­lights is a Quick­sil­ver deal­er­ship and flight train­ing cen­ter with over 30 years of expe­ri­ence serving

any and all indi­vid­u­als young and old who have a desire to fly.

Our group is bonded by the basic desire to fly and hav­ing fun while doing so.

We do this by pro­vid­ing you with the high­est qual­ity ultra­light and light sport Quick­sil­ver aircraft.

This, com­bined with flex­i­ble and eco­nom­i­cal flight train­ing with an empha­sis on safety all tai­lored to your needs and desires will allow you to

achieve your goals.


John has been fly­ing for 35 years and amassed 15,000 flight hours in all types of

oper­a­tions and all types of air­craft from Ultralight/​light sport air­craft to wide body jets.

Rat­ings include com­mer­cial pilot, cer­ti­fied flight instruc­tor, instru­ment instruc­tor, multi-​engine

instruc­tor and air­line trans­port pilot with four type ratings.

After research­ing all types of ultra­light and light sport air­craft from around the world it was

obvi­ous why Quick­sil­ver was rec­og­nized as the indus­try leader. This is why I have been with

them for 10 years. With Quicksilver’s proven his­tory, sim­plic­ity of design and reliable

engi­neer­ing there is sim­ply no faster way to to start flying.”

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After fly­ing for years at a major air­line I found fly­ing with automa­tion became mundane.

I re-​captured the sim­ple joy of fly­ing at Amer­i­can Ultralights.

– Cap­tain Joseph Bowen

I spent 30 years in the mil­i­tary being flown around by oth­ers in all types of aircraft.

Now I fly myself in my own.

– Sergeant Major Richard Price, US Army (retired)

At 8O years young I thought my fly­ing days were over. Not with Amer­i­can Ultralights.

– Gay­lon Birdwel

After 21 years of work­ing in the back of air­planes, I decided it was time to

move up front and fly myself, I did it at Amer­i­can Ultralights.”

– Pam Kreger

17 years old and going Solo!

– Pey­ton Valline

sin­gle seat models


The MX Sprint was designed for the entry-​level pilot, yet retains the excite­ment and han­dling a proven pilot demands.

Over the years, the Quick­sil­ver fac­tory took note of the many sug­ges­tions and com­ments received. This infor­ma­tion, com­bined with the factory’s own research resulted in the air­craft “you wanted.”

The MX Sprint has an extremely fast roll response and han­dles cross­winds eas­ily with its con­ven­tional three-​axis con­trols. Yet it retains the docile and pre­dictable slow flight char­ac­ter­is­tics that made the orig­i­nal world-​renowned With its com­bi­na­tion of great fly­ing per­for­mance, Quicksilver’s qual­ity, and six month lim­ited war­ranty; the MX Sprint is in a class of its own.

The leg­end con­tin­ues… and now you can be a part of it.


Key Fea­tures

  • Hearth Engine
  • Con­ven­tional 3-​axis Controls
  • 66” Pro­peller For More Per­for­mance With Less Noise
  • Flex­i­ble Dri­ve­shaft Cou­pler For Reduced Vibration
  • Tapered Sta­bi­lizer
  • Tubular-​braced Tail
  • Tri­an­gu­lated King­post Assembly
  • High Lift, Par­tial Dou­ble Sur­face Wings
  • Extra Ribs For Firm Airfoil
  • Excel­lent Cross­wind Capability
  • Short Take­off & Landing
  • Fast Con­trol Response
  • Quick­sil­ver Famous Quality
  • Easy-​to-​assemble Kit (Avg. 30 To 40 Hours)
  • Six-​month Writ­ten Lim­ited Warranty
  • Air­speed Indi­ca­tor Included


The MX II Sprint is one of the world’s sim­plest air­planes to learn to fly.

The par­tial dou­ble sur­faced wing gives it an excep­tion­ally short take off roll and pre­dictable han­dling at very low speeds. The extreme cham­ber of the wing makes for very enjoy­able slow fly­ing around the coun­try­side. When equipped with floats, the MX II Sprint’s high lift wings will get you out of the water quicker and on your way to a world of adventure.

The MX II Sprint’s sim­ple design and bolt-​together con­struc­tion make pre­flight inspec­tions and rou­tine main­te­nance a breeze. As with all Quick­sil­ver Air­craft, its true assem­bly style kit will have you fly­ing in days, not weeks or months.

> $17,875 LESS ENGINE | $26,450 WITH R582 ENGINE

Key Fea­tures

  • Rotax 582 Engine
  • Amphibi­ous Float Sys­tem (Optional)
  • Wood or Com­pos­ite Propeller
  • Easy-​to-​Assemble Kit (Avg. 40 to 60 Hrs.)
  • High lift, Par­tial Dou­ble Sur­face Wings
  • Six-​Month Writ­ten Lim­ited Warranty
  • Short Take­off & Landing
  • Extra Ribs for Firm Airfoil
  • Main Wheel Brakes
  • Con­ven­tional 3-​Axis Controls
  • Easy Han­dling and Respon­sive Control
  • Tubular-​Braced Tail

Cre­ate Your Aircraft

This color selec­tion guide will help you visu­al­ize what each model looks like with dif­fer­ent color com­bi­na­tions. Make your selec­tions below to see what each color com­bi­na­tion will look like.


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